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1884 Wine and Tapas Bar Hull

Come and savour the 1884 culinary experience.

1884 Wine & Tapas Bar
Freedom Quay // Wellington Street West
Marina // Hull // HU1 2BE

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Media reviews of 1884 Wine & Tapas will appear here as they are published.

Yorkshire Post

“The food is limited – successfully – to a short but satisfying tapas menu with a couple of mains and there is an extensive and appealing wine menu.”

“After bread and oil and olives and a liquid livener we selected a mix of tapas to attack. Albondigas were very good meatballs; you often find them over-ground and under-seasoned, but these weren’t.”

“Berenjenas y pimientos was my favourite; the distinct but rather bland taste of aubergine was perked right up by some delicious melted goat’s cheese and then lifted further by pungent rosemary. Esparragos consisted of around 10 spears of asparagus, perfectly pan fried and paired to great effect with toasted almond flakes. Patatas con salsa de ajo were just fried potato cubes with a garlic sauce but were good and authentic. As was papatas y chorizo, with the potatoes doing a fine job of absorbing the tasty oils of the excellent, soft chorizo.”

“These account for under half of the tapas dishes on the menu and all the others sounded just as good. It’s always admirable when a restaurant deliberately keeps its menu short and sweet.”

“Even shorter was the plato principal menu. You can either have skewers, or share paella or beef fillets. We chose the skewers and duly ordered chorizo and cordero.”

“What arrived was a little theatrical, but not so tacky that it would put you off. You get a red hot frame thing. On one of the skewers were two full chorizo sausages and on the other about half a dozen chunks of lamb. The sausages were soft, juicy and succulent. Apparently there are plans for the restaurant to create their own, locally-sourced chorizo in the near future but they’d do well to beat these. The lamb chunks were perfectly cooked with just a hint of garlic.”

“Under both meats were small fried green pimientos and chillies, which soak up the falling juices from meat. The waitress advised us to keep some of the sauce from the albondigas to dip the peppers in and this was advice very well given.”


Hull Daily Mail

“The house red was lovely – I will admit to having a sip for review purposes – and we were brought water for the table in an authentic terracotta jug, which was a well-thought addition.”

“It was packed out for a weekday night, with groups of friends and families sharing food and wine.

“Just when we thought the food couldn't get better, the third and fourth segments of the meal really brought the house down – or booth.”

“With chorizo sausages that were absolutely incredible, as well as succulent chicken skewers and chilli king prawns, we were more than content.”

“The peach Schnapps king prawns sounded less than desirable, but were honestly some of the best prawns we had ever had. Crisp batter and soft, sweet prawns, they were beautiful, and went well with the deep-fried monkfish tails in a chilli and herb marinade.”

“The finale to the feast was a choice of either seafood or meat paella. After a night of seafood dishes, we, of course, opted for more seafood. Full to the brim with huge gambas, mussels and soft squid, the paella was a perfect ending.”

“The quality and amount of food was outstanding. With the addition of the setting of the marina, and its short distance to Hull's Old Town for a swift digestif, 1884 Wine and Tapas Bar is hopefully a flicker into the future of what the area could be like after regeneration.”